Automation Option type

ever since i have been using Navision, i know there is a type “Automation”, but i cannot see it or use it! does anyone know why ? and can i enable it ?

Hi, Can you see it in a codeunit? (Codeunits ==> 5053 TAPIManagement ==>trigger ‘Dial(…)’ ==>view ==>C/AL Locals ==> variables ==>TAPI . You have to see it as of Datatype=Automation) In your own variable just type the word ‘automation’ in the Datatype field. Did it work? I hope I helped or at least not confused you.

You have to have access to that datatype in your license. If I’m not mistaken it’s the C/FRONT granule that you need to get access, but I don’t know for sure.

Granule ID 1,750 Name C/OCX //Pelle

Hello, If you look at the Navision CD (any of them DISK 1). Go to the directory called DOC, find file w1w1adg.pdf In there is the manual that all clients have. Developers holly book. Find AUTOMATION (4.00 SP1) page 374. It walks you through using Ms Word or Excel features, basically calling upon the DLL’s or OCX controls installed on your local computer! Try it, it’s fun and the next level to educate yourself in doing some fancy and productive stuff. Yes, you can use PDF, Outlook, Foxpro, IExplore, Movies, Scanner, Fax OCX/Active X controls. If you are familiar with VB or C++ in using controls, this should flow nicely with your knowledge. Just remember, you kind of have to figure out the parameters to pass etc. Good Luck.

you do have to license C/OCX to get basic access, allows you to include controls in Navision C/Front is the interface between C/C++ ect, or ocx and the Navision database they are licensed separately