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Hi Is it possible to use Acrobat as automation to create PDF documents from Navision ? I know Amyunis PDF converter can be used for the same. But we already have Acrobat and intend to use this for the same. Regards Joseph Mathew

Hi, You need Acrobat Distiller. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 2001 Jul 07 17:19:34

How we can do the automation using Acrobat distiller ? Regards Joseph Mathew

Joseph, you can create pdf documents from navision reports in a really easy way: You just need to install Acrobat in the computer and, when printing, choosing the acrobat printing device, it will transform your printed report to a pdf file. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Hi Alfonso As suggested by you the easiest way to create acrobat document from Navision is to print to acrobat device printer. But one disadvantage is that it will print all the documents as a single file. for example : Through a report I want to print 100 invoices. I want to created these 100 invoices as 100 PDF files. If we select the Acrobat device printer, it create only one file containing 100 invoices. So I think the automation of Acrobat distiller may be a solution for that. Or somebody can suggest another way of doing this ? Regards Joseph Mathew

Just following this up as I am in the same situation as Joseph. Is there a way to use Distiller to automate conversion of a report to PDF so it can be sent via email. The reason I need to use PDF is because the reports contain a company logo which SAVEASHTML does not handle very well. I know Amyuni PDF Converter exists and works well, but can Adobe Acrobat be used to do the same? Dean Hilliard Aston Naviteam Pty Ltd

yes, u can create documents using the adobe acrobat distiller. i do not have acrobat distiller installed on my machine, so i can’t give ypou specifiec instructions, but i have used it before. after installing the adobe acrobat distiller, when you send your documents to print, you can see that there are 2 additional adobe printers that you can send your print job to. one will save a pdf file in your hard disk, and the other will create a pdf file based on the document sent, and open the adobe arobat program. if i am not mistaken, i think you can send the pdf file to e-mail from here. jordan

I understand that the Adobe printer drivers can be installed and manually selected when printing a report. However, how can this process be automated. You can set up the PDF printer driver as the default printer for the particular report in the Printer Selections table, but it does not offer any real control over the filename and path for the PDF (as Amyuni does). I guess my question is, can you do what Amyuni Converter does using Adobe Acrobat or Distiller? Alternatively, is there a way to save a report as HTML with the company logo embedded? Dean Hilliard Aston Naviteam Pty Ltd

I recommend You to use Amyuni’s Converter. There You have full control over the output and it works great //Lars

I recommend using Acrobat Distiller. It’s flexible and powerful enough for documents circulation automation. You can see the C/AL code example at the link below: Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD +7(095)987-8080

I’km trying to automate the creation of PDF files from different Reports; is there a way to specify from the code the directory and file name of the PDF file Distiller generates ?? regards Andrea Giachino


Originally posted by andre_jack
I’m trying to automate the creation of PDF files from different Reports; is there a way to specify from the code the directory and file name of the PDF file Distiller generates ??

I did this in a project three years ago, when I was working for a NSC. I quit my job 2.5 years ago, so I do not have the code handy.

Basically, what I did was this: from the RequestForm of a batch job, I set text variables for the disk drive spec (e.g., “D:”) and the path (e.g. “foobar\foobar2”) and concatenated them with the file name. And I had to test to make sure the disk drive existed, to create the directory if it didn’t exist, to make sure the file had actually been created, etc., etc.

There are some Navision virtual tables which might help you find a legal disk drive, etc.

If you need more info, email me and I will tell you who to get in touch with. Sadly, I am not sure if my old NSC is still in business, but the customer I did this project for is still going strong!

I understand, but I don’t know how to pass the parameters to Distiller. I tried to use an Automation object, but the methods I found into the Distiller DLL are not sufficient. What I’m trying to do is launch a report from a codeunit and then automatically save it in PDF format and then send it by e-mail. All without user interface.

Look at Yuris link //Lars

If you want the invoices as single documents just send them to the printer as single jobs Filter (select) you batch of records Create your table and the report as a variable repeat Clear the report Get your table variable record and setrange on the single record Set selection filter on the report to your variable run the report until next = 0 Dave

The client I did my project for was a non-rpfit agency, so we could use a DOS program called PDFConverter (if I recall the name correctly) for free. (It was distributed under a license where it is free for personal use and use by non-profit organizations— but commercial users are supposed to pay for it.) We created an HTML file first using the SAVEASHTML command and then converted the file by shelling out to PDFCONVERTER.

Hi, I would still recommend Amyuni PDF Converter. It will help you with what you want to achieve. Run a report many times from within a codeunit instead of printing directly to a printer , print through the Amyuni driver. Then you have PDF documents which you can then email or fax and all done without user intervention. Another plus is the licensing, in that you can just buy the developers license once which entitles you to distribute the license with the Navision application to whoever you wish. Good Luck

Agree with Robin. Amyunis driver works great. No problem what so ever. Works fine in WTS/Citrix also. /Lars

Have any of you used either the PDF generator from FinePrint or the one from pdf995? If so, what was your experience with them?

I have tried several software (FinePrint works well), but they all need user interaction …