Automation Excel Macro


Can you help?

How do I call from Dynamics NAV an Excel macro?

And the excel solver called built-in function?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi, in order to call the solver from NAV, the only solution I found and that works fine is to record a Macro in the Excel file that activates the Solver, and then to call the Macro from NAV using this code:


where xlApp is a variable of type Automation ‘Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library’.Application.

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What about executing a link, for instance:


is it the same how to execute VBA code from excel?

Hi marcoferrari.

is it works fine to call the excel macro 2010 ? . right now we also have problem to call the excel 2010 ( xlsx / xlsm ) from the navision FORM.

I tried to make link with code : C:\Hyperlink\ABC.xlsx but it is not works. the message " Hyperlink failed to find the target"…

but when we still use the excel 2007 it is works fine . now we have create a few Query transactions with excel2010 to end users.

I hope you can help me for this problem.

thank you

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