Automation errors

I get the following error messages: opening a Word document from Navision: error 100 module 11 opening an Excel document from Navision: error 33 module 35. Does anyone know the cause and/or a solution?

Maybe I can give you some hints: Error 100, module 11 means 11-100 #Err_Att_Undefined (Module_Att,Err_Allowable(100)) The only thing regarding this I can come up with is that you are trying to set a property through the automation controller, that does not exist in your version of the Word automation server. But then again, I may be wrong… Error 33, module 35 means 35-33 #Err_OCX_IDispatch (Module_OCX, 33 This seems like the OCX you are using is not registered on your system. Thanks to Marcus Fabian, you can get a complete listing of the error codes here: Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S