Automating 'reverse' accounting entries

Quite often, an accountant is required to make ‘reverse entries’ into the General Journal. I’ve been requested to create a button on the GJ form which would create a new (reverse) entry from the entry currently selected. This would be a simple copy of the selected record, and writing it to another line (except the date would be updated and the amount would have to be multiplied by -1 to create the inverse). I can get the info from the selected record (TRANSFERFIELDS into a temporary table, then updating the date and amount fields), but I can’t place this new info into a new line. This must be a pretty simple thing to do, but I can’t find the method to accomplish it. Any suggestions?

If you want to do a reversal, you simply create an entry in Table 81 (Gen. Journal line) with reversed amounts etc. and use Cu12 to post the line. Technically it’s as simple as you might suspect. However let me issue some warnings: 1) Make sure you reverse all G/L Entries with the same Transaction No. 2) Make sure to transfer all fields from the GL Entry to the GL Journal in order to make sure the VAT Entry (t254) is being reversed as well. 3) Special precautions have to be taken if a GL Entry originates from a customer or vendor Ledger Entry. If such an entry (e.g Invoice) has already been (partly) closed by a Payment you have to correct a lot of fields such as “Remaining Amount”, open, “closed by …” etc. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872