Automatically to Register the Inventory Dimension in the Picking

Hi everybody,

How I can update automatically inventory dimensions to it make Picking List Registration of the sales order.

I would like de open sales order and it don´t inform the inventory dimensions. I would like that AX informed for me the inventory dimensions in Update Picking List Registration. For this, the AX would have to search the information of the Warehouse and Location in the Warehouse Itens that it was cadastred for the item of the sales order.


Murilo Oliveira

Which Dimensions do you want it to populate? The site and warehouse can be set on the item, the item can be set to reserve as automatic or at the pick and all of this will cascade through. It will not however look at all the buisiness and set the warehouse/site where there is stock. Depends what you are trying to do.

Hi Adam,

I´m wanting populated automatically the Warehouse e a Location (Inventory Dimensions) in the instant that I post Picking List Registration.

How I make this?

Murilo Oliveira

You cannot do it the “instant” you post the registration, either you configure the system to populate the pick with this information and you amend for differences or you populate this prior to the registration. If you set the default site and warehouse settings against the item this would populate what you need. The location comes from the warehouse items which is a default, if this is not applicable you would need to use reservations, either on the pick or sales order entry, then this would also be populated and enable you to post.

Nobody can help with it?

As adam said Define default setting for the item like sales site and warehouse(which will be picked up during the creation of sales order lines - and to the warehouse specify the default issue location - which will be picked up automatically during the Picking List Registration.

I thought I had. What part of my answer does not work for you? In what circumstances? Did you understand the response? Are you looking for an automated way for the system to do something in a different way to standard?

Hi Adam,

I´m wanting populated automatically the Warehouse e a Location (Inventory Dimensions) in the instant that I post Picking List Registration. And don´t in the instant that to confirm the sales order. It is that happen. The AX is populated automatically the Warehouse e a Location when I confirm the sales order. This I don´t want. Because if I modify th configuration na Invent Item Location before posting Picking List Registration I will have problems in Transaction of item.

Murilo Oliveira

So you do not want the reservation at sales order, however can you reserve at the processing of the pick? You can do this as standard. If you fail at this stage you are telling the system you need to manually populate it. You CANNOT have a blank registration screen, post it and have system post it complete. There is no setup for this. You would need to modify the system to do this, but how can you let the system always assume teh details - this will cause you far more problems in the transaction of the item. I do not beleive this is an issue with the system, but with business working practices and training.