automatically processing

hi, every month lastdate the salary is automatically processed what procedure is used in ax

Hi Nani,

Can you explain in detail what exactly you want…

Naresh Kolli


Kindly tell me, How I can run Periodic Journal Transaction automatically in AX 2009.

For E.g.,

I created a periodic journal on 5th April that I have to pay rent and I set my units to 1 month i.e. It automatically shows me that my next transaction will be on 5th May.

But I want to know how this transaction will create automatically on 5th May.

Thanks in advance Naresh

Hi Nani,

If you created the journal manually and if you want post the journal montly on particulat date…then you can write the Batchjob for posting of journal…schedule the batchjob to execute on monthly basis…

Naresh Kolli