Automatically fax sales invoice after shipping/posting


Our Navision 3.70 system is set up to post and print sales invoices when items are shipped. This has worked well, except postage costs are gone so high, we no manually fax these printed invoices to our customers rather than mailing.

I would like to automate this process and have the sales invoice directly faxed from the shipping department rather than printing. I have Canon iR3320 Printer/Copier with a fax board on the network. How do I push the invoice, and fax number to that fax? Any body doing this? If I use this printer as the default printer for sales invoices, the fax number has to be manually entered.



Hi Curt,

Currently there is a fax option in your printer. (this option is in Windows XP Pro, not sure about other OS) This means, you can print to Fax. But you will have to install a modem and plug in a phone line into your PC. This means, using your PC as a fax machine. This will save you time from printing into hardcopy, and faxing it via a fax machine.

As for automatically dialing the no. from NAV into the Fax machineā€¦ this would require some customisation. As to what extent, I am not sure as of yet. But you can give the fax option above a try. When you print to fax, you will be prompted to enter the fax no. You will just have to enter the fax no. on your PC, and your fax is through.