Automatically Email Sales Order Confirmation after it is posted


I am trying to figure out, what is the best way to automatically email Sales Order Confirmation(PDF) to customer as soon as it is posted.

I tried digging through FomLetter related classes, but, am not sure which one to modify for inserting code for email.

Can anyone help me figure out the best way to address this requirement?

Best Regards,

Michael Brown

Hi Michael, if you get a resolution please let us know how you achieved this.

Hi Michael, if you got answer please let me know its helps alot…



Hi All,

Resolved the issue by invoking a job from FormLetterServer::PostSalesOrderConfirmation() method.

Inside the job, I ran the SSRS report using ReportController and DataProvider classed and saved the report as PDF.Thanks to Sreenath’s article for running SSRS report using x++ code.

And finally emailed it using System.Net.Mail library. Thanks for Ashok Kumar’s blog post.

Best Regards,

Michael Brown

Can you provide me specific instructions. We are wanting to Automatically create the confirmation.