Automatically confirmation email when a new Sales Order is created

I need to configure my Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 to auto-send an email to the customer whenever a new sales order is created.

Can anyone tell me how to do this? I assume I should use workflows for this, but I’m totally clueless on how to configure my workflow.

Is this even possible without a developer license?

Hey Sleger,

I belief this was the same question you asked on community too.

First of all yes you need a Developer License for this as it needs some piece of code to be written. Secondly you need to configure your Job Queue that will send an auto Email to your customers. You just need ti think when your mail will be sent, are you maintaining any status for this.What if you need to update something in your created Sales Order and eventually that mail has been fired.


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Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I’m the same person who also raised the issue here. I’m trying both channels, as this is a blocking issue for me.

As I also explained there, the customer needs to be notified exactly once to let him know that a sales order has been created in the system. So, changes an existing sales order should not trigger any new mails or change the one already in the queue.

Hey Slegger,

Yes it wont hamper anything, neither it will try to shoot email to same customer for whom the mail is already in a queue.

This could be a two step process. You should take decision or a better way if yo have.

  1. Every time a Sales Order get created it comes up with an open Status. You can sent a mail based on those customers having Status Open and once the mail is sent you can add a FLAG as Mail Sent and mark it as TRUE.

  2. Next time whenever the Job will try sending an Email it will first search for those Customers whose Status is Open and Mail Sent as FALSE.


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Thanks for the helpful answer!

Sounds like a good suggestion. Except I would not actually send the mail, until it has been “released” or “approved”.