automatic updation of table


i have created a table which contains 3 flow fields.

first two flow fields are from one table and third one is from another table.

And all the three fields are filtered according to the first flow filter only.

My doubt is when is select first field in the table the remaining two fields are not updating .i need to close the table and re run it. So i want the table to update the remaining fields soon after i select the first field.

Also i have created the first flow field on prod.order no. , so soon after i finish a prod.order , i want 3 fields in the table i have created to be updated.

on the fields that you define as flowfields, open the properties. in the CalcFormula, type your calculation to updates the field (flow-fields).
e.g. in Item table, Inventory field (Qty. On Hand): properties - CalcFormula:

Sum(“Item Ledger Entry”.Quantity WHERE (Item No.=FIELD(No.),Global Dimension 1 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 1 Filter),Global Dimension 2 Code=FIELD(Global Dimension 2 Filter),Location Code=FIELD(Location Filter),Drop Shipment=FIELD(Drop Shipment Filter),Variant Code=FIELD(Variant Filter),Lot No.=FIELD(Lot No. Filter),Serial No.=FIELD(Serial No. Filter)))

on the other fields that the flowfields update is expected, put event like VALIDATE or MODIFY. so in the trigger OnValidate() or OnModify() you can use CALCFIELDS.

Sorry Joe we dont have license permissions to write any triggers in table or forms.

Also using flow fields or table relationships can i retreive the item names .

For example from item ledger entry table i want data like this:

If production order no, is = the no. i have given in the first field , and entry type = Consumption , i want to get all the items used for consumption.

Can i get that using table relation ship or flow field plz explain me

what i can understand is: you want to rightaway filter the item ledger entry, prod. order no=item.field50000 with item ledger entry - entry type = Consumption. then sum all Quantity.

Type in the Properties - CalcFormula: Sum(“Item Ledger Entry”.Quantity WHERE (Item No.=FIELD(No.),Entry Type=CONST(Consumption),Prod. Order No.=FIELD(field50000))

In fact, as long as you have Granule ID 7,130 - Table Designer, you can access Object Designer (Shift F12) and work around the table(s) - also open the field Properties.

if you don’t have, you’d better add it to your license.

Thank u i have table designer license not only adding the quantity fields but i want to display the item names accordingly

For example for particular prod.order i want to get the item names of consumables and output .(not codes that means my codes are like item001 so on and names are in description field of item card so i want those names )

Is it possible in table link property

if you do not run a calculation in the field, why do you need Flowfields?
if the returned data contain multiple fields, what do you plan to contain in the 3 flowfields that you made?

can you be more specific on what do you want to achieve?

Joe i will tell u my requirement in detail.

I have created a new table in which first field is linked to item ledger entry production order no.

In the second field i want to retreive all the items used in that production order with their names not their numbers…that is the entry type of consumption fields for a particualar order must be retreived to the second field

this is my requirement.

Micheal are you a Navision partner or an End User customer?

you may go back to my previous post, then make work around on the CalcFormula properties. at least, you know best what filter you want to make by Field / Filter / Const, and what field you want to sum-up.

if you are a NAV partner consultant, you should have known the C/AL and table objects, and start from code example above.
if you are End User, you can refer to the discussion to submit a request to your partner consultant.