Automatic Updation of AOS portnumber for the client configuration

Hi all,

We have done server upgradation and installed AX 2009. We have more than 150 client PC wherein AX client is installed in their desktops. Now I need to update the new client configuration regd. the port number and server name. Without updating the new port number and server name manually to every desktop, is there any solution to update the client configuration(AOS) through any batch or any other method.

Please help me on this.


One option -

  1. Store the configuration file in a network share
  2. Point the AX client configuration utility to use this configuration.

You can use Group Policy to bulk change registry settings (see example here), but you really should follow Harish’s recommendation to make one centralized configuration, because you’ll have to make another change sooner or later.

Thanks Martin.

I guess registry settings is quite risky and complicated, any how let me try your option.

Thanks harish,

Earlier I have tried this and kept the configuration file in the desktop using usergroup policy in server management, but i was looking for any updation of port number in client PC using any code or any service kind of.

Thanks for your great help…