Automatic Reservation on multiple locations

Automatic Reservation on multiple locations…?! Who can solve the following issue considering reserving on multiple inventory lines; We have set reservation to ‘automatically’ on order entry. The item ordered is stored on multiple locations. One inventory line is on the item’s prefered location Another inventory line is stored on an alternative location The order quantity exceeds the inventory quantity on the preferred location. Even though in total there is enough stock available Axapta seems to see only one inventory line (at prefered location) and will give a message that there is not enough stock. It will only reserve stock on one single inventory line. One way to solve this is to add an additional sales order line on the alternative location but this is not what you want to be done on order entry.

solution: disable Primary Stock parameter in Inventory-Dimension_Group for the dimension ‘location’. When enabled, reservation is only done on inventory availabe with exact the same dimensions like on the salesline.

Thanks for your answer. I tested the case again using the adviced setting. It takes me about half way to where I want to be. After multiple sales orders I’m having one reservation for the quantity on the item’s standard location. The other inventory line is not reserved at all. I would like to have a message (on shortage) when exceeding total availability (on order entry).

Hi Erik, The only way to get a message if there is’nt stock enough, is set the reservation parameter on the salesline to ‘explosion’. Then, you’ll get a popup-window with a message. The reservation-parameter on the salesline is defaulted in the cust-module by the setting in ‘parameters’, tab ‘general’, reservation.