Automatic posting production orders

Hi all,

I need a great help from you all…

If anyone are familiar with start process and picking list in production process of AX… please help me.

I want to post all the production orders while starting the process (update → start) . My requirement is there should not be any manual posting.

How can i do that? I have gone through so so many classes…but still i can’t?

If anyone knows this, please let me know the list of classes and tables to be modified.

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This forum is not a substitute of Microsoft Support log which is a paid service. People here contribute/ answer as volunteers and are not obliged to answer your urgent queries. So be patient.

Another thing, you have posted Ax related question in NAV forum which will reduce the chances of your question getting answered.

classes being development classes and not functional software classes. [:D]

Tick the “post picking list now” box on the general tab of the routine.