Automatic Payment System

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Iam Karthik, new to this group and navision as well.

I have been asked to research on Automatic Payment System and i have no clue what it is. Can someone please let me know what this functionality is all about . It would be great if someone could tell me the flow too. Something like - Order is placed → The supplier supplies items-> …

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When should the payment be made? With order, on shipment, on receipt or terms after receipt.

On the last two you should be able to use the suggest vendor payments batch job from the payment journal - I suggest you start here. The batch process, depending upon the settings, will bring in all payments due and suggest payment.

Otherwise, are you talking about posting the payment automatically when posting the Invoice (Sales or Purchase)?

If so, the Payment Method will allow that. It is often used where payment has already been made such as Internet orders paid by Credit Card.

Thank you Steven,

I should be able to start from here. I have been given a set of 150 objects which were modified to accomodate this functionality. And this approach i feel is going to reflect in most of these objects…Is there any other way in which one can interpret Automatic Payment System ? If ‘No’ then i can straight away start my research looking the objects in this angle. I will be able to ask more specific questions next time.

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I do not have any idea. I will have to try it out and see if this is related to the set of modified objects i have. Anyways, thanks a lot. I will get back to you.[:)]