Automatic location selection for an item in PO AX 4.0

Hi, guys.

I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to specify a location for an item in AX 4.0 so that when you create e.g. a purchase order for that item, the default location is automatically selected on the purchase line? Maybe a way to do so in 2009 or 2012 would help as well. I would appreciate any assistance.

Not sure about 4.0 but in AX2009 specify the default Purchase warehouse in Inventory Management > Item details > Setup button > Site specific order settings then define a Default receipt location in Inventory Management > Item details > Setup button > Warehouse items for that Warehouse. If it will always be the same location for that warehouse you can setup the Default receipt location in Inventory Management > Setup > Inventory breakdown > Warehouses > Warehouse management tab.

Hi Alexey,

Like Michelle, said its those are exact paths in ax 2009. before that & in order to get location as storage dimension, you need to setup the Dimension group with the selection of Location in the storage dimension in dimension group form and assign this dimension group at item level. now you need to go to Item form> setup button> warehouse item > locations (tab)…, here you need to mention location and you can setup default warehouse receipt & issue locations at Warehouse form.


Thank you both, Michelle and Sarathy. This question was solved here internally and the result is exactly what you say: It’s “Warehouse items” form and one need to remember to choose a dimension group with activated “location”.