Automatic exploding of BOM

Hi everyone,

Is there someone who knows, if, when creating a salesorder, it is possible to automatically explode a BOM, when selecting a specific item containing a BOM?



On the Item Journal form there is an option off the Functions button that “Explodes BOM” items into it’s components. You should therefore be able to do this from the sales line also (although I haven’t tried).

Hope this helps.


I’ve had a quick look at this and on the subform on the Sales Order form, there is already a function to explode a BOM line. Therefore I added an option of the Functions button of form 42 (Sales Order) called Explode BOM, then added the following code on the OnPush() trigger for this option;


This runs the function on the subform and then explodes the BOM. I believe this is what you wanted?!?!?

Let us know if this works.

Hi Collin, Thanks for your information so far. I’m familiar with the Explode BOM functionality in the functions Button.

What I want is, when selecting an item consisting of multiple other items, the other items will be automatically shown in the sales order lines.

If the code mentioned by you is able to do this, than that is what I want.

since you are making a customisation, i would suggest to add something on posting that uses the BOM journal, put the item number and post, then the system will deduct the bom

Hello Mike1! Did you manage to do this? In Dynamix 2009 I wanto to do something simmilar, from the sales order, when doing anyone of the posting steps (preferable invoicing) I want the components of the BOM item to be automatically deducted from inventory. Do you know if it is possible?