Automatic e-mailing of custom reports

All, We have a charity client. They want to automatically produce member-specific reports in .pdf format and then e-mail these reports to the relevant member. Can anyone comment on this goal? We are using Attain 3.60 Waynewil

I recommend You to use Amyuini’s PDF Converter and create the reports with Application server. You’ll find a lot of postings on both in these forums if You search for those keywords.

Navision’s Application server may work well with doing things automatically.

Generating and emailing the PDF files using Amyuni is the easy part, the hard part is to gather the appropriate filters and pass them to the reports that you want to run. I did this sort of thing in 3.01 using case statements to sort out which record type to use and pass, it should be possible to use RECORDREF to simplify this. cheers, Dan.

Pdfmailer works really well and also has a free version that just adds a banner on the pdf.

Alfonso : If a report contains a lot boxes will they print fine via PDFMailer. (on a 2.60 DB) I’ve seen some ugly results when printing boxes as HTLM … Wonder if printing as PDF would solve that ?

PDFmailer works beautifully… including with lots of boxes. It’s installed as a printer, and it’s showing on the pdf file as it would show on the preview (not like the html screws with boxes and lines…). Also the professional version allows using embedded commands, that allows with a small development creating distribution lists for reports… :slight_smile: Get the free version and have a look at it… it really works fine. The price is also not really expensive (about 150-180 dollars on the professional version for one license). An undocumented “trick” is that you can have the professional version on one computer and share the printer that it creates and use the free version on other computers on that network. When sending to the printer, instead of using the local printer on the computers with the free version if you send the report to the printer shared on the computer with the professional version you can use all the features included on the professional one in a legal way with just buying one professional license…