Automatic Currency Rate Update with Job Queue

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I was assign to a task of Automatic Currency Rate Update for a client.
Almost I have done the Currency Rate update to Currency Exchange Rate Table by creating CodeUnit, which consumes the rate from the URL But When I run job queue with Codeunit for automatic update, I receive error message as

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server attempted to issue a client callback to create an Automation object: afba6b42-5692-48ea-8141-dc517dcf0ef1 (CodeUnit 50010 Currency Rate Updation). Client callbacks are not supported on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.

When I search for solution, I found the below information. Which eliminates the main process of my task - Currency rate update in Currency Exchange Rate Table without user interface as mentioned below as resolve for the issue. Kindly suggest me a solution for Automatic Currency Rate Update with Job Queue.

Resolving a web service exception about callback functions

When using Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services, the web service call may return a fault with one of the following messages:
Client callback (such as showing Pages) is not supported when executing custom Web services.

Callback functions are not allowed.

The first error generally occurs because the web service has accessed application code that contains either a Confirm or StrMenu dialog box or a Page type. These types of dialog boxes require user input, which cannot be handled when using the web service. The web service call then includes a detailed message with information from the dialog box, which you can then use to analyze the reason for the callback.
To resolve this error, make sure that the web service call does not call code that contains a Confirm or StrMenu dialog box or a Page type, or modify your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to allow data to be inserted or modified without any user interaction.

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