Automatic creation of master files using RTC for different companies


I have a custome who wants to create Item; projetc; customer; vendor; gl for several companies according some a particular setup that exists in each company.

What is the best way to do that modification knowing that a new company will be added several times??


If the “setup” is equal or almost equal for all companies - RIM tools or SetupChecklist data copy functionality can be used, you prepare the first one --or even “export” it from existing company-- and reuse.
In v4 there was “Excel mapping tool” in SetupChecklist, but it disappeared in v5 - was somehow similar to RIM, maybe that for it vanished.

However, these fit best for CoA, PostingGroups, Dims and like, which are populated during initial setup, and doesn’t change much later. For Items/Customers/Vendors is not so good, as initial entries will have the same codes, but afterwards the later added will have different autoincremented codes - unless you don’t use MFG code for Items, and VAT reg No or similar unique No for companies.

Thanks Modry. But How does the copy data is working as I am not able to make it run. In fact the question is more: How can we modify the NAV RTC version to be able to create automatically item , supplier , customer in multiple companies depending on the setuo of each one ( using template ? such as item or custoemr template?