Automatic cost adjustment from waste to FG

Dear All, I would like to ask you some problems I have relate to costing, that is about how to make navision adjusting cost of finish good (FG) automatically where the end result will be as follows: FG final cost = Waste product cost + FG cost the second problem is how to set the (-) stock of item in production warehouse but disable in raw material warehouse. The third problem is how to know actual costing of all items all at once in one production periode (weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly). The fourth problem is how to calculate cost of by-products automatically from existing production BOM and finish good? The fifth problem is how to make forecast windows header consists of customer name, weekly, key account/sales coordinator (a person responsible to fill it) Any help from you are really welcome and awaited…tks beforehand rgds, Mark

Hi Mark This is quite a lot to ask of the members of this forum, and in reality you would be better off understanding how the standard funcitonality worked and applying it to the needs of the customer. It maybe that everything you do needs to be modified to meet a customers specific needs. In answer to 1 you include the waste in your processing, either as scrap or additional consumption, this will then roll it into the cost of the parent. Simply put if you record the additional cost that becomes the cost of the parent - assuming of course you are not standard costed. I do not understand your second problem. Do you want to allow negative stock in one warehouse but not another? As standard you cannot go negative stock with Navision manufacturing, so you will need to modify the code to do this. The costing naturally depends upon the known costs of the purchased components and the running of the adjust cost item entries. However have a look at the reports under costing in manufacturing. These may give you some of your requirement or a starting point for modification. If you have by-products then you can only process these as standard as negative lines on the BOM journal. There is no cost calcualtion on these as these are seen as items - how would you intend to cost them? You would need a mod here I would guess. There have been previous postings on by-products so you may want to read them. The modifications to the forecast you would need to post in the developer forum, this looks to me as though you are sub-dividing the forecast by customer, which to be honest would seem to be an irrelevancy as the plan will stil only fill the final demand - why do you need it at this level? What does it get you?

Hi Mark Your profile would tend to indicate that you are an end customer, although it is not clear. From your postings you are making some very serious alterations to the base code. I would strogly recommend you talk to the NSC who sold you Navision about these. They will be able to better understand you needs than this forum, and advise you better as well. I would strongly recommend this.

Dear Steven, all, tks a lot for answer. I will try to understand it and examine it in my navision. I will inform you asap about them. rgds, Mark