Automatic Consumption with Incorrect BOM

Hi all Navision Professionals, Usually Automatic Consumption (Backward, Forward) requires an accurate BOM in order to consume the Raw Materials correctly. If the BOM is not correct, for example, consume more Raw Materials than specified in the BOM Ratio, the standard Navision cannot handle the posting the consumption when there is no stock available. My client has a problem that nearly half of their product currently do not have a correct BOM. At this moment they would like to find a way to utilize the Automatic Consumption (Backflush) functionality to simplify their job, however, the system do not allow posting of the consumption if this is not enough stock. i.e. Can’t do the Output Journal as well if not enough Raw Material available. It seems a little bit conflict but we really want to find a easy way or workaround to handle it. Does anybody had this kind of experience? I believe this problem is common because BOM is not prefectly setup always. Thanks. Gordon Wong

Hi Gordon As standard you really have no choice. In all ERP systems you should be aiming for a high level of accuracy on BOM’s and inventory - 100% should be your goal. If you adopt your approach your systems figures will get worse and worse and the inclination to correct stock and the BOM’s will be diminished. From a stock valuaiton perspective you will probably be understating the value considerably. Ultimately I think that you should be aware that whilst any change in this area may make the processing easier - it will make everything else worse. I am not a programmer, but theoretically the system will have a block on negative stock in manufacturing (arguably true - if you have not got it how have you made it!) but as the system allows negative stock from sales, it is probably possible to comment out this code - but if you do, be aware of the consequences. You may want to post that question in the development forum.