Automatic change of payment terms code

Hi y’all.

We’ve got a customer, whose standard payment term code is 60 days. However, when the total invoice amount exceeds a limit of € 5.000, the customer is granted a payment term of 14 days.

Sadly enough, not everyone within our organization thinks of changing the payment code, when creating the salesinvoice.

My question is, is it possible to run some sort of check, while creating the invoice, so that Navision automatically changes the payment term from 60 into 14 days when the invoiced amount exceeds the limit of € 5.000.



Dear Mike,

Everything is possible with Dynamics NAV! [;)]

But what you are suggesting here is not standard functionality. You need a developer in here to do some work.

My own suggestion on how to do this is:

  • Create two new fields in the Payment Term table: Threshold (to enter the limit of € 5,000) and Next Payment Term Code, to enter the alternative code.
  • Then you should update the function to check the invoice before you post it. Here it should check if the right Payment Term has been used, based on the invoice total. This function should not change the code (unless you think it’s ok).
  • Instead I would build in the change into the F9 function - most users will (or should) always use F9 before approving/posting the invoice.

This is the right way to do it. Normally a simple warning or error message to users during post it’s enough to solve that issue.