Automatic Backup & Restore

Hi, I have Navision installed on SQL Server. I’m looking for a method that allows me to schedule a backup from the SQL Server, and restore into a Local Hard-disk automatically. My objective is to be allow myself to perform data analysis of my data without having to connect online, and of course without having to go through the hassle of performing a backup and restore all the time. Hence if I can schedule an auto-backup/restore into a local fdb file, all I need to do then is just to copy the fdb to my laptop. thanks Thanks.

Sorry, but it’s not possible to automate a restore från SQL to C/SIDE. But You could set up an SQL Server on You laptop in Stand-By Mode and restore transaction logs into that database. This is possible to automate so You just start a job in Your local database. It’s an out-of-the-box SQL feature and is documented in the Books OnLine.

Cool! I’ll try it out