Automatic assignment

Hi experts,

I want to assign the item charge to the item without using the item charge assignment functionality by posting the item with item charges, Is there any code to achieve this ??

Please help me

May I give you the same answer as I gave you already here:…/c-al-code-for-posting-item-charges-on-the-fly

There are lots and lots of NAV partners, who have created such add-ons. It’s very common functionality, but it just isn’t standard in NAV. Most of these add-on’s allow you to “control” how the charges are assigned to the lines, charges or not.

Sure it wouldn’t take much time create “some code” which could do, but once you get started dealing with all the “exceptions” to the first specified “standard” charges, then it easily starts to have take much more time, than just getting the add-on in the first place.

Thank you,
But I didn’t work on add on I am using NAV 2009 r2
Can u help me any code for it.

Yes, most partners have versions for NAV 2009 R2 too. The reason that I’m not suggesting a specific add-on, is that it typically varies by region/country. Like in Denmark, the most popular is also integrated to a danish label and shipper application. I’m sure partners have similar solutions in your country, that works for your company.
So personally I don’t have any code for it. I didn’t do this myself for any customers the last 15 years or so. Only used add-ons.

Then How can I do this I am using classic client

As I said they have add-ons for the classic client as well…