Automatic Adjusted Up entry in Item Ledger Entry

Dear All,

Whenever we are creating shipment from sales order one positive adjustment entry is inserted in Item Ledger entry as following

Posting Date Entry Type Document No. Unit of Measure Code Item No. Source No. Description Location Code Quantity Invoiced Quantity Cost Amount (Actual) Entry No.

12/01/10 Positive Adjmt. SODHA0911276 PCS FG002805 C00066 Automatic Adjusted, up UTARANCHAL 200,000 200,000 0.00 817446

Hereby description is showing ‘Automdatic Adjusted Up’ .What is meaning of this and how to prevent this




As far as I know, this is not happening in standard navision, it might be bacause of some customization.

In case of standard navision, for sales shipment document type is “Sales Shipment”.