Automated Email

I am tring to write an aumated email for our time & billing system. I tried using the Navision automation server option but it does not allow me to have line feeds. I have tried MailOCX but I get an error message from Outlook asking if I want to allow the email to be sent. I have also tried SmtpMailXControl1 but I will not know who to send it from in most cases. I am tring to write it so we can use it with the package we sell. Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks.

That is fairly easy: You can use the Outlook Automation and assign the OutlookMail.HTMLBody with valid HTML code, there you can apply all format rules of html including

and all the other fancy html stuff.

The allow mail to be sent message can be surrounded by either using Outlook before 2000SP1 or by a small program called clickyes This programs clicks the yes button for you but only works if the workstation is not locked.

We use JMail to send emails from Navision. No link to Outlook, so no Outlook messages. Multiline plain text and HTML are possible. The sender can be any text (without spaces). Free.

THX Peter, that is a tool I’m looking for for long time already. Especially the part with the POP3 fetch mail support.

Thanks guys. I will try them out and see what I like.

Copy from MIBUSO: I have written an NT service what sends (SMTP) and receives (POP3) emails from and to text files. The schedule can be set up by admin. Supports attachments. As it was just a helper for a bigger project, I consider it to be freeware. If you are intrested, send me PM.

I wasn’t sure I should reply to promote JMail because I found out about it searching this forum. [}:)] But anyway, glad I could help. [8D]