Automated Application of Entries while Invoicing Purchase Orders.

When any user posting a document say a Purchase order or Journal an application entry is being passed can i rectify that.

Hi Premjeet,

what do you mean by “an application entry is being passed automatically”?

If you mean that the document is applied to another then check these:

  1. The Applies-to on the document

  2. The balancing account on the payment method

  3. The application method of the account as been set to “Apply to oldest”

when i am invoicing a PO each entry comes twice in vendor ledger entry table and G/L entry table one type as initial and other as application , i have not applied the document just invoiced,

application method is manual on vendor master

balancing account on payment method is blank

Hi Premjeet,

Is this on the vendor ledger entry table or the Detailed vendor ledger entry table?

What type and reference is given to the application record?

Do a navigate on the application to investigate.


its payment entry that is being posted automatically with any PPI Posted Purchase invoice,

After posting PO when i analyse vendor Ledger ENtry Table its showing two entries corresponding to same PPI number

with type as Invoice and Payment.


i think i have sorted out this.

Thanks a lot for continuous support