AutoLaunch Capabilities

We are looking for ways to automatically launch programs in Navision. Our intent is to run long updates and reports (such as the Adjust Cost / Post Cost Update in Distribution) during the night. I’ve tried the product from ExpandIT with no luck. Does anyone else have an idea? Perhaps some type of macro recorder? Thanks in advance… Kenny

Why did you have no luck with ExpandIT? I’ve used that and found it works.

Hi, starting with Navision 2.50 forms have OnTimer trigger. It meance that your solution center must be able to make modification to run any Navision Object any time. This modification should not spend more then 2-3 hours. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

we have a scheduling system in navision. it is only for invoicing and edi-data-import. it was specially made for our company. i think, it should be easy, to modify this application for your needs. if you need more information, send me an mail. greetings joachim