autoincrement trouble

Hi All! I’ve got an autoincrement field in couple of tables: 36 and 110 Both of these tables have records. when I execute this code on table 36 it works fine But when I execute this code on table 110 it fails WITH TableName DO BEGIN RESET; IF FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT MODIFY; UNTIL NEXT = 0; END; I made a copy of table 110, and this code works fine with copy. But what happens to 110 table??? The problem is I can’t change my Global Dimension, since report 83 (Change Global Dimensions) fails on code like this

It should work fine. Which version of Navision is it? I know that there were problems with the first release of 3.60 where auto increment did not work (eg restore backup). there was a hot fix to fix this if you are on 3.60.

I use 3.60 version. I’ll find out about the hot fix you mentioned.