Autogenerated VS Coded Excel report speed

Hi there, I have just completed writing a report that the business users required to be exported as an xls file. I origonally used the morphx interface to create the report the report with Drag and Drop and overrided the prompt method to default the report output settings to file, htm and filename.xls (as was suggested on another post on this newsgroup). This works, but the generation of the excel spreadsheet is EXTREMELY slow… For a case in which the query takes under a second to complete and returns two rows, a print to screen took about a second to generate, while the excel file took up to 5 minutes! For a realistic report generating a large number of rows, the xls output could take over half an hour!! (Again this excludes the time taken to actually retrieve the data!). I have since rewritten the report by generating the query separately in morphx and writing a class that extends SysExcelApplication_2000. This takes about the same time to generate the output as a print to screen (ie it is really fast), but having to do something this way seems to defeat the point of having the morphx report engine and removes the ability to use the report visual designer! Does anyone have any ideas as to why the standard method is slow and how it could be corrected (again I must emphasise that it is NOT generation or retrieval of the data that is slow, but rather generation of the actual spreadsheet). Thaks in advance, Matt