Autofattura setup


could anyone tell me how to setup navision for the use of autofattura - or is there a document describing this?
We are a belgian firm doing also the accountancy for our Italian Branch on an Italian Navision database - but we can’t seem to find any information about how set up Navision(4.0) to use the autofattura.

This is how we have setup our no. series:

Code No. Series Type Description VAT Register Reverse Sales VAT No. Series VAT Reg. Print Priority Starting No. Ending No. Last Date Used Last No. Used Default Nos. Manual Nos. Date Order
AUT-PUR Purchase Purchase Autofattura AUTOFAT-P AUT-SLS 0 AUT-P2007001 07/06/07 AUT-P2007003 Yes Yes No
AUT-PUR-C Purchase Purchase Autofattura -CN AUTOFAT-PC 0 AUT-PC2007001 06/06/07 AUT-PC2007001 Yes Yes No
AUT-SLS Sales Sales Autofattura AUTOFAT-S 0 AUT-S2007001 06/06/07 AUT-S2007001 Yes Yes No
AUT-SLS-C Sales Sales Autofattura - CN AUTOFAT-SC 0 AUT-SC2007001 06/06/07 AUT-SC2007001 Yes Yes No

We coupled the AUT-SLS to AUT-PUR, because we think this is necessary, but it does not make a diference when we post an invoice.

Are there any other settings we should look at.

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Salve, Bruno

nel forum italiano puoi scrivere in italiano. Penso sia piu’ facile intendersi. Il setup per le autofatture e’ lo stesso che si fa per gli acquisti intracomunitari. Va bene come avete definito le numerazioni, ma poi bisogna anche anche almeno una categoria business Iva da assegnare al codice fornitore, quando registri l’autofattura. A questa categoria Iva sara’ assegnato un Tipo iva che la indirizzi alla numerazione AUT-PUR e avra’ un setup di tipo Intacomunitario.

Questo fara’ si’ che, quando registri la fattura di acquisto, questa venga portata sul registro degli acquisti che hai denominato AUTOFAT-P e su quello delle vendite AUTOFAT-S

Uhm, Anna, maybe our friend Bruno is not an Italian speaker, since he is working at a Belgian firm??


As Anna pointed out your setup for No. Series is (more or less) correct, but you also need to setup a Categoria Registrazione Business IVA (VAT Business Posting Group) which you will use in the Autofattura. You should set that Categoria with Tipo Operazione Acq. Default (Default Purch. Operation Type) = AUTOFAT-P, and, in the corresponding VAT Posting Setup rows, Tipologia IVA (VAT Calculation Type) = Intracomunitaria (Reverse Charge VAT). See the example below

VAT Bus. Posting Group VAT Prod. Posting Group VAT % Deductable % VAT Identifier VAT Calculation Type Sales VAT Account Purchase VAT Account Reverse Chrg. VAT Acc. Undeductable VAT Account Allow Posting From Allow Posting To
FOR-CEE ART.17.3 20 100 IVA20CEE Reverse Charge VAT B27101 B27100 B27101
FOR-CEE IVA-20 20 100 IVA20CEE Reverse Charge VAT B27101 B27100 B27101

When you post the Autofattura, it will be included in both the AUTOFAT-P and AUTOFAT-S VAT books

About the No. Series setup: I would recommend to set Date Order = Yes and Manual Nos. = No

Hope this helps


Sorry, I didn’t think about that. I just thought an autofattura is such an Italian thing… [:P]

Thank you, Gianni, for translating my advice