hai, can we do the autoback on navision?

how we can do that?

or we must do it through sql server directly?


With “autoback” I suppose you mean “automatic backup”.

With native NAV: no way, you have to use 3rd party utilities liek from ExpandIT or you could use the “HotCopy” feature (which is actually a replication feature, not a real backup)

With SQL Server: you could create Full, Differential and Transaction Log Backups easily. If you run SQL Server, you should not use the still available native features, except for specific purposes (like extracting one company etc.)

yes you right, i mean auto back up :stuck_out_tongue:

can we do it just through navision?

or we must do autoback up from sql server?

If you run SQL Server you could do all backups from SQL Server - scheduled & automatically - just configure it in Enterprise Manager or Management Studio (depending on your SQL Server version)!