Auto update for field form

Hello Navison wolf

I have a special request to implement in my application, in a form i created i had a checkbox field called “Opened” and the form contains several rows , When i check "Opened " field in some rows i need that my Form auto update some others rows and check their ‘Opened’ field based on some condition,

i thougt about CurrentForm.Update but it does not helps a lot. or should i use a function for the checkbox type like below

CurrentForm.Opened.function(True) to reset my field

any help? tanks

Hi Carlos,

I am assuming that you have code written on the validate of the check box to update the lines. This updates the data in the table but not on the screnn and when the screnn is refreshed it overwrites your changes. To fix this use CURRFORM.UPDATE(FALSE) which will refresh from the updated data. Remember you cannot call from ONVALIDATE but can from ONAFTERVALIDATE

Well this cannot be done in classic form but sure will work in RTC pages using shell command (F5-Refresh).