Auto-sizing Picture in a PictureBox on Report

Hi All, I have to add company logo into my report. I’ve added a PictureBox and set its source expression to CompanyInfo.Picture. (CompanyInfo is a record variable.). Does PictureBox control have any property for auto-sizing pictures. Without this property, I must know the exaxt size of picture. What I want to do is auto-sizing picture in a PictureBox control on a report according to the size of PictureBox. Is this possible? Or do I have know the exact size of the logo? Thanks a lot. Serdar.

I’m afraid you need to set it to the size of the logo. Sorry for asking but why would you need an autosize property because once its set to the correct size unless you change the logo it will always stay the correct size and thats all part of the design layout of the form isnt it?

Hi Simon, I am now working in a software development team. Reports and Forms are still being prepared. Company information has’t been entered yet into the system. However in my report i have to add company logo. I thought that I could set source expression property of PictureBox properly (with auto-size property on) and after then I could end up my report. Anyway, my report will wait until the company imformation is entered. Thanks for your answer. Serdar.