Auto Save ACH and Check Remit files

We have a current process in AX2012 that we are trying to recreate in D365.


  • We generate the NACHA file and save that automatically to a network local drive to transmit out. We are thinking maybe we could save this to SharePoint instead but unsure if this can be coded to autosave in D365.
  • Email all remittances to the customers through Print Management
  • We save a file of all remittances, barcoded, to a local file share that our document management system then bursts and saves. Currently when we generate a Remit in D365 it generates one at a time. So when we do this to screen, we get one and then have to close for the next one to show. If this must save as individual files that can still work with our document management system. But we want to see if it can auto save to SharePoint or something similar so we can code our doc management system to look in that location for our file copies of remits to be saved. This was a customization in AX2012 that we did.

Anyone have any experience or suggestions to help us match this process as close a possible? Any help would be appreciated. TIA