Auto running a program

Hello, I’m looking for a way to execute a program only by giving the extension of the file. For example : running “xxxx.xls” will start Excel running “yyyy.txt” wil start Notepad The goal is not to affect a program to an extension but to use the mechanic hold by windows when you click on a file so , on every stations i’ll do not have to care if people use Excel, Corel, Word ,… and where the program is. Best regards,

simply use HYPERLINK(CompletePath + CompleteFileName). Saludos Nils

i reply to myself because i’ve found the way with the search, The answer is using HYPERLINK function HYPERLINK(filename); and that’all.

Hi lessi, try the HYPERLINK function: //Filename is composed of Name + ‘.xls’ // to start e.g. EXCEL HYPERLINK(Filename); Best regards