Auto Misc. Charges in AX 2012


In AX 2012, the auto misc. charge feature is not working. Even after defining auto charges & defining customer in the corresponding charge group, at the time of Sales order, the misc. charge is not calculation.

Please let me know in case i am missing something in the setup or this is AX 2012 issue.

Thanks in advance.


Well you surely miss something in your setup. About a week ago I had a task to extend the auto-misc.charge functionality in AX2012 for auto-misc.charges on Sales Lines (for misc.charges originating from inventory items). And the thing worked like a charm.


I would agree with a setup issue as it works as I would expect

Can I suggest you re-visit the sales/purchase ledger parameters, under prices, ‘Find charges for line’ (or Find main charges)

Then check the Charge codes for the correct posting, check if item charge groups are required , re-visit the setup of automatic charges to confirm that the relationships are correctly defined

Thanks…it is working for Sales/Purchase order. But not for Free text invoice. Is there any functionality available for auto-charge for Free text invoice.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ajay,

The auto-charges only applies to SO- and POs, i.e. it won’t work for Free-text invoices.

// Liz