Auto emailing Remittance Advice with NAV '16

Hey All,

I’ve got a client printing out their remittances every week for mailing and they’d like to convert to emailing them out from NAV.

Could you point me towards a tutorial or proper reading on this functional change?


Step 1 - Right where you are printing the remittance add a option for Emailing
Step 2 - Save the report as PDF
Step 3 - Write a code to get the to email id where this document should go. Create the subject and body for the email.
Step 4 - Add the report as an attachment.
Step 5- Send the attachment as email.

I found this walkthrough on adding this functionality for NAV 2013 R2 will that still be applicable for NAV 2016?…/send-mail-with-pdf-attachment-in-nav.html

Yes, it should work in NAv 2016 too.

When I go to save this function I get a message stating:

“you have specified an unknown variable.
Define the variable under Global C/AL symbols”

Where should I start in making sure the Microsoft script control automation is loaded correctly?

LOCAL DownloadToClientFileName(ServerFileName : Text[250];ToFile : Text[250]) : Text[250]
ClientFileName := ToFile;
IF NOT DOWNLOAD(ServerFileName, ‘’, ‘’,’’, ClientFileName) THEN
CR := ’ ‘; CR[1] := 13;
objScript.Language := ‘VBScript’;
‘function RenameTempFile(fromFile, toFile)’+CR+
‘set fso = createobject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)’+CR+
‘set x = createobject(“Scriptlet.TypeLib”)’+CR+
‘path = fso.getparentfoldername(fromFile)’+CR+
‘toPath = path+""+left(x.GUID,38)’+CR+
‘fso.CreateFolder toPath’+CR+
‘fso.MoveFile fromFile, toPath+""+toFile’+CR+
‘RenameTempFile = toPath’+CR+
‘end function’);Language
ClientFileName := objScript.Eval(‘RenameTempFile("’+ClientFileName+’","’+ToFile+’")’);
ClientFileName := ClientFileName+’’+ToFile;

Rob - Language is part of the Automation of the variable objScript, please make sure when you define the variable Objscript you select the correct automation and it will then compile.