Auto declaration field need to access in another form


There is need to access a form field into another form

which is having auto declaration ‘Yes’ property

how to access it , if you know pls let me know the same.

Thankx in advance…ur reply would be appreciated.


Forms does not support inheritance…

Thankx for the reply

Let me clear my requirement if it not got clear

there is a button in new developed form, once user click on that

then Quotation & Confirmation posting button of SalesQuotationTable form should visible false.

Hi Nitin,

That is not possible coz you cannot call the other form’s controls from a form,

the Autodeclaration scope is permitted only in a single / current form.

Thankx for reply.

is there any workaround for this ? for fulfill the client requirement.

HI Nitin, Can’t you pass some flag or value from your new form to SalesQuotationTable ? You may like to check the following link


Thankx for link.

let me check it.