Auto completion of dimensions based on other dimensions

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I’m trying to understand if NAV2009 (or NAV2013) has the ability to autocomplete dimension entry on a transaction based on another previously entered dimension. I understand the basics of applying a limited amount of Dimension Value Combinations, but I don’t know/understand if that would allow me to decrease my data entry requirements.

To give you an example, if I had two dimensions “Sales Office” & “Area” (and yes, I’m stealing this from the NAV help menu in the Dimension Value Combination table instructions)…if I enter in a Sales Office value of “Berlin”, the Area value should default to “Germany”…if I enter in a Sales Office value of “New York”, the Area would be “USA”.

Taking this a step further, if I were to a third layer to this hierarchy…let’s say “Continent”…by entering in “Berlin” as my Sales Office, I’d like to see “Germany” default in Area, then “Europe” default as Continent. Or New York, USA, North America as my other example works.

Any help would be appreciated!


I don’t believe that you’ll find anything like this in 2009, although it’s not that hard to code something like that. I’ve done it myself in the past, and I think there may also be an add-on that does that. I know that there was one at one point, but I can’t swear that it’s still available.

In the 2013 application, take a look at the “Dimension Set Entries Overview” topic in the Application Help.

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I can understand your scenario. As of NAV 2009, auto complete dimension entry process is not available. To achieve the same we need to do customization. What default NAV offers is we can restrict a user to select appropriate values. To give you an example, if the dimension “Sales Office” “Berlin is selected” in the “Area” if the user selects any value apart from “Germany” system will allow user to select. But at the time of posting error will be throwout.

I know this will not solve your purpose. But this is what the existing system offers. Thanks