Auto -Bank Reconciliation in AX

Hi All

Im interested to see how the bank reconciliation process works in AX (2009)

  1. what kind of file formats are supported by AX (importing the bank statement)?

  2. how does it match transactions to the entries from the bank statement?

  3. how does it present unmatched items?

  4. does it really work and whether or not its worth pursuing?

If someone can answer the above I would be most grateful.



As per my knowledge, we do not have automated bank reconciliation in AX2009 which is now available in AX2012.

In AX2012

  1. It matches the transactions based on the rules that are defined. (you can set like compare the check number and voucher number) based on that the matched entries will be shown in matched trans grid in the form. It allows to unmatch and match with the needed ones.

  2. the transactions which cant be matched with defined rules will be shown in a seperate grid

And only in AX2012 R2.

Adam, by chance do you have any sample xml file of Bank statement that can be imported into AX. I’m confused to search it in the partner source. Could you help me with that. I’m done with all the setups and just need to import it and check whether it works. I will be very thankful.

Hi Steven ,

I am also looking for the same .

Santosh ,

I am expecting a blog from your end regarding the Automatic reconcilation .

Could you share the setups which need to be done for Automatic reconcilation ?

Thanks in advance.

I suggest you get one from your bank (I do not have one) and then you follow these steps:

There is a bank statement format setup and the reconciliation matching rules define what the bank reconciliation will use in the matching machine from the format defined.

Hi ,

Any one bank reconciliation templete


follow the below link