Authorisation SELECT has been refused on object 'TRAINING MY COMPANY$License Agreement'

I’ve just made a backup of SQL DB,

I’ve restored it into a local native DB

I’ve then rename the company from MY COMPANY to MY COMPANY TRAINING

Did a backup, and restored it into the SQL DB

I’ve no problem opening the company “MY COMPANY TRAINING” ( when I log in as SUPER user) however all the other users get this errors when opening the training company :

Authorisation SELECT has been refused on object ‘TRAINING MY COMPANY$License Agreement’

have you got a clue of what this means [:)]

It’s about time I catch up with SQL, since most of my new customers are going the SQL route, which was not the case just a while ago …

Did you try to synchronize user?

Yes I would also say that has to do with Synchronization issues. By the way, you should set the security model to ‘Standard’, that will save you a lot of time when you synchronize.

When I synchronize the system just hangs, I’ve not figured out why …

I’ve also notice that when I do a drill down in the sessions (from Table Informations) the system hangs too.

BTW this is all happening on Dynamics NAV 5.0

To synchronization worked today :

I did it twice : the first time it took 30 minutes, the second time about 10 minutes …

So this has fixed my problem, thanks guys

Daniel : Where do you set the security model to "Standard’ ?

File, Database, Alter, and the property is on the Advanced tab.

The difference is that the enhanced model pushes individual permissions down to the SQL Server table, and the standard model keeps that all inside NAV, the way it was originally intended. Synchronizing is not even necessary, but will take less than a second on the standard model, regardles of how large your database is.

In my opinion everyone should use the standard model, and add non-NAV users with individual permissions for users that need to address the database directly. Especially if you only have NAV users, then it makes no sense using the enhanced model.

Alter? [8-)]