Authorisation Level For the Documents

Hi I want to implement work flow functionality where 2 persons can authorize PO of the assigned value limit . Right Now ----> In case of setting the authorisation Level for the value of the purchase order for more than 1 authorisers , both the PO are available for the Posting , thru user task form to all the authorisers listed , Authoriser with the total value power for authorisation being less can also authorise the PO of a Higher amount than permitted. Can anybody help me , how to implement this control in the document. Else the same functionality has no significance. Regards Deepak

To many words related to “Authorise”… [:0] well… as u know there is no standard functionality as such, i can suggest u one way of solving this problem. Depending on different authorization levels u can have an option field in the user setup. for example set the option as <10,000 , between 10000 and 50000, between 50000 to 100000, no limit. And assign the option against the users who are authorised to post purchase orders.Update the posting routine to check the limit against the person posting the PO. Is it of any help ???

Lakshmi, I believe the Indian Navision localization has some kind of Authorization built into Purchases. It looks like Deepak needs to customize the existing functionality. Deepak, Try posting this query in the Indian forum, maybe you will get better/more replies. But I think you need to explain it a little differently because it’s pretty hard to understand what you need.

Hi Deepak, Get in touch with Aston/Tectura UK at … They have some fastastic Authorisation PO functionality to hand and its international functionality too. I know, cause I helped write it! Hope this helps David

Hi Deepak Are you an NSC or an end customer? If you are an NSC, post the query on VSA. Cheers