Audit Trail for Navision

Hello just want to ask something about the G/L Register in the Navision. I ask some forums previously and they mentioned to me that the audit trail in the MS dynamics Navision 5.0 is under the G/L registers.

My concern about this audit trail is it didn’t show the full audit trail in the system for example one user use to delete, edit, or even print any reports or figures in navision system it cannot be trace in the navision system. Because i believe that only the posted transactions in navision is the figures you can see in the G/L Registers. How about the none posted figures?

Is there anyone can explain more specific on the G/L Register as a Audit Trail in Navision system.

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The registers are indeed the place for NAV audit trail, for posted document. In NAV you cannot delete a posted documents, at best you can reverse some entries, but the full audit trail (initial document + reversed entry) will be kept for accounting sanity sake.

If you’re concern about what people are doing then set the correct permissions and learn to thrust your users, otherwise you will end up spending your time worrying & playing the cop instead of getting things done.

Thanks Tarek for the explanation atleast I can tell our clients about this thanks again.

One more Sir, is there any tools to make the customizing of the report for Navision more easier and faster. Cause I need to edit all the standard report that navision to be use by our client. Some tools like GUI type of tool


That for exists Change Log in Navision. (except tracking printing - that is even theoretically impossible to trace with 100% accuracy).

Look at the Change Log functionality, you may set up very detailed “traces” (which tables & fields, what actions)- but be careful not to overload it, log only really needed & meaningful things, otherwise your database will 1) grow at geometrical progression, 2) performance will degrade.

FYI : You can easily implement a report usage with a “Codeunit 1” trick :

Check Marq article below :