Audit reports


I have been asked by our company’s audit team whether it is possible to write a report that shows unusual postings on NAV - in particular:

  1. Changes to a vendor’s master data, followed by a purchase order by the same user

  2. Out of hours journal posting, either weekends or early morning, late evening.

The standard reports don’t seem to fit the bill and I can’t see “time” being posted anywhere, only date.

Has anyone else had the same sort of requests and of so, could they point me in the right direction?

We are using NAV 5.0 on SQL Server 2005



You’ll have to turn on the Change Log for your first request.

As for recording the time something was posted, and the actual date (not the posting date) that would require a customization.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the pointer. I’ve been checking out the Change Log and can see that it is populated from four tables - 23, 38, 39 and 2000000003, which look to be PO Headers and Lines, creditor’s details and user permissions. Is that correct? How do I identify the actual tables from the table number?

It also has an actual time stamp in the change lof, so I can run some out of hours reports as well.

I’m doing these straight from the Query Browser in SQL, because that’s what I know (i.e. I know SQL, but not NAV). Is there an easier way in the application or should I stick to what I know best?



Hi Mike,

The files that are logged in the change log are specified in its setup - you can go to the object designer (Tools → Objects designer) to see these. The change log only logged manual changes in data from forms so will not give you every thing you need. You would be best to discuss your requirments with your local partner as it would appear you need customisation to log all your requirements.