Attend a Dynamics Meetup and enter to win a Microsoft Zune!

No it’s not 2007 and yes I said Zune. We found a couple of the last brand new Zunes on the market, and decided to pass a few out to some lucky meetup attendees. Any one of you who attend a Dynamics Meetup between now and the end of the year will be eligible to win a brand new 9 year old Zune! Please tweet out a picture of your prize to #dynamics365mtup once you get it in the mail.

Legal disclaimer: I have no idea if these things work. Doesn’t come with any music loaded, but i’m sure it plays Fergie or Avril Lavigne or the Plain White T’s just fine. (2007 billboard top pop music joke) Make fun of this as the weirdest raffle at:…/793912675264765952

In all seriousness, thanks to all of you who’ve signed up to our meetups. The changes in our industry have been massive, and we need more networking events like Meetup to stay on top of what’s happening. We’re looking for co-organizers to help schedule meetups in nearly every city. If you’re interested in participating more, please reach out to me directly.

I’m pinning this so people keep seeing it!

Find a meetup near you at to win

Wow! How much did that set you back? I am impressed. I thought those were obsolete.

Upwards of 10’s of dollars. Spare no expense for this community!. And they most certainly are obsolete… But how cool right? Maybe somehow someone will figure out how to get music on it and it will work. Otherwise, they’ll re-gift it to some unlucky soul.

Did you find them in the bargain bin?

Basically. Right next to 5 copies of Microsoft Works.