Attempting to export a model and receiviing registry error

I’m attempting to export a model from Dynamics through windows powershell however when its runs I receive an error stating Dynamics 6.0 has not been found with my registery. I’ve checked through regedit though and definitely have a registry file there. However under data it says (value not set).

I know powershell is notorious for returning misleading errors so I was wondering what else it could be. Am I supposed to be invoking the command to a specific server or something else I’ve overlooked?


I have noticed issues with exporting / importing models through Powershell. Can you let us know the command that you are trying to use?

Since attempting this I’ve succeeded in exporting models and modelstores. When I was attempting to export originally I was using

Export-AXModel -Model Nameofmodel -File NameofFile

and running this on my client computer which was my mistake. The error was just misleading as it stated that it was a registery problem.

It now works fine using

Export-AxModel -Model NameofModel -File NameofFile -Server NameofDatabaseServer -Database NameofDatabase

from a client computer.

What’s the problem you’ve been having?


In my case it is largely issues to do with reading client config files while import. For me, the following command works -

Import -AXModelStore -Server -Database -File