Attain ZUP & Windows XP

I am currently experiencing a problem with the creation of the ZUP file in Navision Attain 3.10A. I specify the id=test.zup parameter in the shortcut (Start In box), however the system starts and the standard fin.zup file is created in the Application Data folder. I have also tried fully qualifying the path for the zup, and this has no effect. Any help would be much appreciated.

You need to create a brand new shortcut. If you create a shortcut from an existing one, the zup file is stuck in XP Documents and Settings hell. If you create from an existing shortcut, while it looks like you’re changing the settings, it doesn’t do anything. You zup file then goes into the Target box, not the Start In box. Hope this helps… Allen Beck President Beck Consulting Alameda, CA & Bellevue, WA 800-456-8474

Hi Ryan, Firstly you need not have the zup extension i.e. you can just add the parameter ID=TEST Secondly, this should be added in the TARGET box, NOT the start in box. This just may be the reason its not working. regs The Wish Man

Thanks for your help guys. I have got it working by creating a shortcut from scratch. XP seems to do strange things when you create a shortcut from a menu item??? I do not need the zup extension. Cheers.

Hi Ryan, Actually i find XP to work fine, even with Windows NT w/s and W2K pro. The fact that the zup files are stored by user profiles means you could actually set up one shortcut for all users with the same zup file name but to be picked up from the users’ profile directories for example. Never had no problem so far!! cheers