Attain New Fields - explained

Hello - In Navision Attain, there is a new fields with little explanation as to its meaning / use. Purchase & Payables → Set up Granule → P&P Setup → General Tab Field: Exact Cost Reversing Second, (same location) the field : Receipt on Invoice. ((Not ‘new’ to Attain)) I tried “Receipt on Invoice” check and unchecked. My assumption was it ment (checked) that doing a purchase invoice (no PO)on an inventory item would result in the item ledger being updated. This was the case both checked and unchecked. ((There goes that theory)) Any ideas? Thanks Chris

With Exact Cost Reversing, you make sure that an item you did return to your vendor is posted againgst the exact cost it was posted with when received. You can do the same for Return Orders from Customers. Normal procedure for receiving goods is to post the Receipt first (= update Item Ledger for quantity), then post the invoice (= update Item Ledger for amount). When Receipt on Invoice is ticked, the system will create the receipt for you when you post the invoice (= update Item Ledger for both quantity and amount). John